I have done a lot of thinking over the summer about the curriculum following a day spent with Martin Robinson and Tom Sherrington.  This has been from both a subject and a whole school perspective, but I have started trying to really get to grips with some of my thinking from a subject perspective.

I was particularly interested in the notion of threshold concepts and the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this is almost like the missing piece in a jigsaw.  As I started to think about what key ideas, concepts and knowledge students needed to be successful in English Language, the more I could see that most ‘gaps’ which appeared in students’ responses were likely to be because of one of these root causes.  And whilst I have a relatively sophisticated approach to addressing gaps in knowledge and skills at a grain sized level with accompanying resources and support for students, it now seems that I was trying to build the house too quickly!  Without making sure the foundations are in place, it’s clear to me now that the activities I have been using have superficially closed a gap but are not the most effective way to develop experts.  I am going to spend the first half-term of Year 13 focused on these and I am excited about the impact that this will have both for me as a teacher and the students!

It really has been a lightbulb moment in many ways and my initial thinking can be seen here:

A level Language Threshold Concepts (1)

I am sure this is just the start of an evolving process but thank you @trivium21c and @teacherhead for starting me on the journey!